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Welcome to Twenty two Vapes. Blandford's fist vape shop dedicated to helping the great people of Blandford Forum and the surrounding areas switch to a healthier alternative to smoked tobacco. This is backed by Public Health England . We focus on 3 characteristics, ie: dependability, customer service and uniqueness. We have been doing this for a long time now. Our business model has always been quality and safety over profit. With more and more people switching to vaping its essential that the quality of the products that we sell are the best possible. We fully test new products before we allow them for sale and we ensure ALL of our E-Liquids are made in a dedicated clean room ISO7 or higher.

Ros Becky Owen and Teresa all have a high passion for vaping and have a deep understanding of all of our products so you can be assured you will be given the right advice.

Covid 19 was a crazy time for every one and we had to make changes to ensure we as a business was a Covid safe business. We have ensured our shop is covid secure and have in place screens, mask's and hand sanitiser ready for you.


Welcome to our new website we will be updating on a regular basis.


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Twenty Two Vapes is a Veteran owned business