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CUT to the VAPE 100ml
Raspberry Cheesecake-
A classic dessert flavour reimagined. Juicy raspberries in a syrup-based surround with sweet and thick layers of creamy goodness finally finished with by a beautifully crunchy biscuit crumb base with a combination of digestives and other biscuits of which we will keep a firm secret! A stunning recreation!
Creme A La Vanille-
Custard lovers assemble!! A beautiful and mind-bogglingly accurate version of a warm and creamy custard with Madagascan vanilla extract and beautifully whipped together and aerated to be the smoothest it could be! One to be experienced!
Pineberry Plum-
A creatively different combination that stays incredibly well balanced to the taste. A handful or so of freshly picked mixed berries still dripping with the morning dew, combined with an extremely generous amount of punchy pineapple chunks and some perfectly ripened plums sliced into the mix to make a uniquely refreshing fruit liquid! Quite unlike anything else out there!
Breezy Fruit Mix-
The complete definition of refreshing! A collaboration of freshly squeezed kiwi juice and fantastically tart grapefruit brought together with a smooth blend of woodland fruits and berries and mouth-watering watermelon. If that wasn’t enough for you, there is a deliciously crisp and chilling aftertaste on the exhale to bring it all together and bring you a brilliantly revitalising flavour!
Berry Breakfast-
A beautiful bombardment of fruit and cereal combined into one! An entanglement of breakfast and natural fruit goodness this is a mixture of a familiar tasting fruit loop cereal with a dashing of mixed berries. This flavour will certainly keep a smile on your face for the rest of the day!
Honey Latte -
Don’t have time for that pre-work coffee? We’ve got you! A naturally sweet dose of honey is gently left to drizzle its way into a deep aromatic espresso blend mixed slowly into a beautifully smooth textured milk with cream added on top! To finish this masterpiece off it is then blitzed through a blender with shredded ice to create a refreshingly cold and sweet coffee beverage!

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