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Dot Pro Pod
What is DOT PRO
The all NEW DOT PRO is the next generation of the successful and popular DOT Vape Kit. Uniting Vapers with choice, the goal of DOT PRO is to create an easily accessible approach to vaping combined with a compact, stylish design. Several industry-leading brands come together through one compatible device.
Available in five starter kit flavours, and ten refill pod flavours with the full range of kits
In addition to providing vapers more choice, we developed the DOT PRO to meet a new standard of performance and flavour by incorporating an industry-leading mesh honeycomb ceramic core that has a high absorption rate, evenly heating e-liquid through its thousands of honeycomb micropores. This new upgraded coil system creates a consistent and smooth vape with pure, intense flavour.
This lightweight device is activated by drawing on the mouthpiece, no button activation required. The pods easily slide into the top of the battery with a satisfying click and are held in place by magnets; this makes DOT PRO an ideal starter kit for new customers trying to switch from smoking who want a simple to use pod system that has market-leading performance.
DOT PRO pods contain nicotine salt, which is a variation of nicotine traditionally found in e-liquids, which creates a smoother vape using higher strength of e-liquid to deliver satisfaction. The pods come in 20mg/ml strength and ten different flavours.
The inbuilt 350mAh battery has a super-fast charge time and will take roughly 30 to 45 minutes to recharge fully, so you can be back vaping in no time at all. You will get approximately 460 puffs per charge cycle. Charging is via a micro USB cable that comes with the kit.
The DOT PRO vape kit is perfect for those wanting to start their vaping journey but also an excellent choice for experienced vapers looking for a discrete, lightweight vape.
* Leak-Proof Design
* Advanced honeycomb ceramic heating technology
* Inhale Activation
* 2ml DOT PRO Pod (Pre-filled with 20mg/ml Nicotine salt e-liquid)
* Easy to use pod system - no filling or refilling
* Battery Size: 90mm x 20mm
* Pod Size: 45mm x 20mm
* 350 mAh battery with a 45 Minute Fast Charge
* 2.5V (5.7W)
* 1.1 Ohms
* Magnetic connection - pods stay secured to the device yet are easy to change
* 1 x DOT PRO Device
* 1 x 2ml Tobacco Flavoured Nic-Salt E-liquid DOT PRO Pod
* 1 x USB Charger
* 1 x Instruction Manual
Battery indicator: The light will flash slowly or stay lit when the battery is charged. When the device needs charging, the LED will pulse, and you will be unable to inhale.
Connect the USB cable to the micro USB port on the bottom of the device. Now plug the USB into a USB socket such as a laptop (not exceeding 5V), or into a specified wall plug adaptor from Liberty Flights (sold separately). The battery takes approximately 45 minutes to charge. The light will go off when fully charged. Please Note: This device must only be charged using the supplied USB charging cable, and plugged into a 5v 1A USB. Most common USBs can be found on computers and laptops or our wall adapter in store Other brand USB adapters or mobile phone/ tablet adapters must NOT be used.

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